F. A. Q.

What are the different case that you take up ?
The cases we take up include Matrimonial Investigation, Matrimonial dispute, Pre matrimonial investigation / enquiry, Post matrimonial investigation / enquiry, Divorce, Missing Investigation / Enquiry, Kidnapping, Eloping, Absconding, Legal Investigation, Surveillance, Criminal Investigation, Undercover Investigation/ Enquiry, Crime Detection, Adultery, Crime Analysis, Illicit relation Investigation, Legal Matters Investigation / Enquiry, Personal Investigation / Enquiry, Crime scene Investigation, Handwriting  Analysis / Enquiry / Investigation / Verification, Signature Verification, Questioned Documents Examination / Investigation / Enquiry, Finger Print Verification/ Investigation / Analysis, Domestic Enquiry / Investigation, Proper Investigation / Enquiry, Industrial Intelligence / Investigation / Enquiry, Corporate Investigation, Corporate Enquiry, Asset Verification Investigation / Enquiry, Identity Check Investigation / Analysis, Selling / Manufacturing of Fake, Spurious Good in the name of Reputed Concern, Theft Investigation / Enquiry, Investigation / Enquiry / Information relating to Property Disputes, Background Check / Investigation, Full Particular of a Person / Persons, Homicide Investigation / Enquiry, Murder Investigation / Enquiry, Secret Investigation / Enquiry / Intelligence / Services, Confidential Investigation / Enquiry / Detective service / Information, Investigation and Detection, Detection and Enquiry, Personal Problems Investigation / Enquiry / Detection, Forensic Investigation / Analysis / Expert’s / Opinion or Advices, All Types of Investigation / Detection / Enquiry / Secret Services / Surveillance, Cyber Investigation / Crime / Enquiry, Internet Investigation / Enquiry / Detection, Legal Investigation, Spy and detective, Spy or Investigators, Tracking, Expert’s  advice on Enquiry / Investigation, Secret Agent / Adviser / Investigator, Neutral Investigation agency, Confidential Investigation / Enquiry about any types of matter, Fraud Investigation/Enquiry, Extra Marital Relation Investigation / Enquiry, Alimony Case Investigation / Enquiry, Legal protection, Survey and Market Report Investigation / Enquiry, Legal Findings.

Do you even work internationally?
We do have the potentiality of handling international cases. We have experienced team of investigators all around the globe.

What do you all do when a case remains unsolved, do you refund the investigation charges?
By the grace of Almighty our success rate in matters of solving cases has been 99%. However if a case remains unsolved we do compensate the charges incurred buy our clients.

Do you solve the cases confidentially?
We assure our clients of complete secrecy and confidentiality. Our organization has earned repute in the field of maintaining strict confidentiality.

How do you all operate the investigation work?
We have our team of Investigators who are skilled and are experts in various fields of investigation. We allocate the different cases according to the expertise of the team. We even have a vigilant team who keep an eye on the mode of investigation carried out by our team of investigators.

How long do you all take to solve a case?
It all depends on the different types of cases. It may range from a few weeks to months.

What is the mode of payment that you receive? 
We accept payments by cash, cheques, demand drafts, online transfer and moneygram.

How do we contact you?
You can mail us your problem and we will get back to you. You can also call us in the numbers provided in our website. We are available round the clock. You can also write to us in the address given in our webpage.